Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The land of flying a plain

By Thomas Carre, year 5, Notre Dame School

One sunny, juicy day, in the land of flying-a plain, a little noisy baby was born. His parents named him Johnny, long for the little rascal. When he was about 5 years old he travelled with his dad to Mount Moody. Halfway, Johnny was already exhausted and he needed a big drink. Luckily, his dad had a $1 bottle of mountain water. When Johnny put it to his mouth, the water was nearly gone. But that was only when he was young. His parents are gone and he stands alone. He never got bothered by the past or the sad times.

He is now a brave boy who will fight for the world and discover new places that man has never stepped on before. He owns a farm with a mysterious shed at the bottom. It was a dark red colour and trees were leaning over it. His dad never wanted him to see it or even touch the shed. When Johnny was younger, he peeked into the shed and he stole the key. When his dad found out he threw the key into the fishy waters.

The next day he walked to the fishy waters and stopped. In front of him was Jerry the water monster! Like most monsters, they are scary. But Jerry is the opposite of creepy.

“Good morning! I mean afternoon! Wait is it the morning?”

“NO TIME FOR THAT JERRY! Where is the key?”

“The one that your daddy threw in?”


“Got it!” shouted Jerry. Johnny ran back home and opened the doors of the shed. “WOW, A PLANE!” Johnny hopped in and started the engines. He pushed the gas and flew up in the air. He flew over mini mountains and Mount Moody.

“This is the best day ever!” shouted Johnny. "Woo!"

The end.

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