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The killer cottage

By Emily Petit, year 6, Notre Dame School

While sun was trying its hardest to push out from behind the miserable, gray

clouds, the trees whistled in the breeze and howled in the wind. The leaves of the prickly palm tree felt like old bristly hair trickling along your hand. The cold air added a suspicious and sinister feeling to the outside of this luxurious country cottage. The silence

There were no annoying main roads or busy towns and while life passes in the miles of country in a relaxing warm bath with sound of the country breeze, there is no need to have a care in the world or a worry nor a doubt.

Faithful in love and hope to shield me from the the horrors of life, deep inside me in my innermost secret thoughts, I must say I get a seriously sinister and spooky feeling when I am here or in the large wood just ahead.

The sun finally starting to show through, I decide to go inside the old abandoned wood. It is beautiful at this time of year (To be honest I am not sure why the owners left such a stunning place.) There is a tree house along the bank of the grimy, green water that lies inside a ten metre deep hole, so pray for me.

I am going up to the top of this treacherous tree house over the stingy river bank. I am soon up high in the quite sturdy tree house.

I see something or someone in a nearby distance. They run. I lose them. I hear a high pitched scream and see a scarlet red puddle. Sinister feelings creep up my spine as I stand in amazement.

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