Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Journey to Purr Island

By Jenny Mahe, year 6, La Houguette School

Dad has just got home from work, he says that he's got a surprise for us. “I’ve got tickets for a furry ride to Purr Island,” he says.

I hope I'm allowed my own suitcase. Dad says that we’re going to stay in a big cabin and there's a pool so we can swim. Then at lunch we can go to the best restaurant ever, the Meowperial and eat lovely salmon, mackerel, bream, cod, prawns, moules, clams, whiting, trout, bass, prawns and haddock - my mouth is watering even thinking of it.

We just arrived at Purr Island's harbour, I can’t wait to jump off the wall and swim in the warm sparkling water.

“Kittens here are your swimming costumes, pop them on and then jump in!” Mum says, I bet that while we swim Mum will be curled up on a silky sun lounger warming her fur. I know that Sky is scared of jumping off the wall so i’m going to get her a swim ring.

“There you are, where have you been and why have you brought a swim ring? We don't need the stupid thing!” Mum shouts at me. “Actually it's very useful because Sky doesn't want to jump off the wall as she doesn't want to go underwater because she's scared!” I shout back.

We just arrived at our cabin, we had a great time swimming and lunch was to die for. I had smoked salmon and mackerel.

I'm jumping in the pool. “Meowwww!” I scream, “Help me.” I'm being sucked into a deep well, portal. How, what?

I'm floating, oh no I’m in Zero Gravity World. “Sapphire?” I turn around to see Lorenzo floating towards me.

“I’m glad you’re here I didn't want to be alone in Zero Gravity World."

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