Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Island

By Harry Blackwell, year 4, Elizabeth College

Suddenly Barry heard a big bang on his boat. There was a volcano, an island and it exploded.

Barry drove his boat to the shore and put his ladder down to the rocks. He climbed to shore and found out that he had a gem in his pocket.

Barry planted the gem in the soil and after a minute it grew the whole island back to normal. So he started to climb back down the rocks and got back on to his boat. Barry drove his boat around the island and then put his ladder back down and climbed past the pond.

He travelled into the forest but did not realise that there was a big river ahead of him. He fell into it and it took him down into the pond at the bottom. Barry tried to climb out and he tried but he could not get out so he pulled and he pulled. Finally he got out, exhausted and he heard an animal. Barry continued to walk up the path. He saw a farm and carried on walking up the path.

Barry eventually arrived at the farm and there was a baby cow and so he opened the door and walked in and there was a lot of hay on the floor. Barry picked up some of the hay up and fed the little baby the big piece of hay. Then he said bye to the cow. He walked and walked until he found a village and a sign that said these two houses for sale. There was a man there and Barry said,

“Could I buy this house?”

“Yes you can!” replied the agent.

So Barry put all of his belongings into his brand spanking, brilliant, new house.

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