Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The illustrated woods

By Mathilde Flouquet, year 6, Hautes Capelles School

Towering flowers surround me. All so colourful and vibrant, I don’t know what to do with myself. Luscious trees the size of houses follow me as I walk down the sandy path. Slowly I endeavour to walk forwards as if a sudden avalanche of snow had just piled down on top of my feet. As if by magic a sudden avalanche does appear. I try to walk backwards and find myself back in a spring wood and then when I walk forwards a winter wood.

Slowly but precisely I walk forwards, trudging steadily through the now snowy ice land. Huge snowflakes glitter in the sun. Ordinarily the sun wouldn’t shine when winter arrives but on this special occasion it does; smiling down on me happily without a care. As I take in my surroundings I fall backwards, realising the winter wonderland that I’m in. Elaborate blue snowflakes dance in the cool icy air. The once tall and towering trees are now icy and broken with recurring icicles everywhere you look.

I reach out to pick up the glossy, untouched snow when suddenly it jitters as if it's all just an illusion.

Suddenly I appear in a white box and then back in the forest. As I turn to go back something stops me like an invisible force that is pulling me back. I'm not enjoying this anymore. The once innocent icy crystals are now pointed daggers facing inwards ready to strike, the beautiful, smooth snowflakes feel like bombs about to detonate.

Quickly a tall, crazy-eyed man races towards me. "Leave now or suffer the consequences of this evil cursed woods!" he screams in my face.

"Uhhh... " I stutter as he runs off.

Running is not something I enjoy but it feels like my only option. Will I ever get out of these woods?

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