Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Ice-Cream Land of Joyeux

By Tim Filatov, year 6, Notre Dame School

It all started in the ice-cream castle made of all ice-cream flavours!!! The King and his wife always had ice-cream for breakfast, for lunch, for diner and for supper.One day it was very sunny and hot and the castle melted, but they had only two ways to survive.They were: go to the volcano and get some ice-cream lava or go to the ice-cream lake where the Nessy monster lived. First they went to the ice-cream lake where the Nessy monster lived. The King said ‘’How are we going to ask the Nessy monster to give us some ice-cream ?‘’ The King's wife had one very good idea and she told the King about it.The King was impressed. The idea was that when they came to the lake they would tell the monster that they had founded a bigger ice-cream lake where the ice-cream wood was. (There was no bigger ice-cream lake in the ice-cream wood) ,but the Nessy monster believed them.When the monster was gone the King and his clever wife said ‘’yes’’ at the same time.

When they had got all the ice-cream from the ice-cream lake, they asked the ice-cream city people to build them a new castle made of ice-cream! Now the King and his wife lived very well and were very happy and now they built a big ice-cream swimming pool ,so if their castle were to melt again they could get some ice-cream from their ice-cream swimming pool , yummy ,very yummy ,supper yummy, no I would say very, very, very, very yummy.

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