Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Grey World

By Rupert Dorey, year 4, Blanchelande School

‘’Mum, get changed. Mum what’s going on?’’ I asked curiously.

My mum was in floods of tears, “Get in the car,’’ my mum replied, heartbroken.

‘’Why?’’ I asked.

“You’re being evacuated because of the air raids.”

We arrived at a packed station. The train had arrived. I arrived at quite a manky house. I discovered an old book. I touched it then things started coming out of it. The things came out faster. I froze. My mind was blank. I didn’t know what to do. It got faster….

ZAP. I found myself in a forest. The trees were blue, the grass

was yellow and the dirt was purple. The sky was rainbow and there were tons of crazy animals. Some were small, some were big, some had crests. Immediately I heard a rustle in the trees. A huge beast stepped out. I started sprinting for my life. The beast was covered in bones and horns and big claws and talons and huge

wings. It was blood curdling.

I lost the beast. I found an old theme park called Horror Land. It had a tall black tower, lots of rooms and long gone rides. I stepped inside for shelter from the rain. Suddenly, a cold hand touched me.

I turned round… pitch black… I woke up. I had slept after running so fast. I saw that I was in quite a small room. It was covered in soot. Out of the corner of my eyes an unusual man stepped out. "Who are you?" I spluttered, underneath all the soot.

He was covered head to toe in grey. Even his eyes where grey,

his clothes were grey.

“Why are you grey?”

“The same will happen to you. This place is strange.” I looked at my hands. I was already going grey …

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