Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The green boy

By Henry Bloor, year 6, Elizabeth College

“As I sway between the everlasting green of the grass, looking at the spectacular everlasting sky, I wonder what will happen in the coming days,” said Harry. Then he saw a really fine track that looked like it had just been redone. He looked behind him to see the beautiful mountains gazing over the hills that lay before him. On those hills he saw a maze. To the side of that maze there was a camel. Behind the camel was a boy who looked to be the same size of Harry. He, and also his camel, looked to be walking very slowly to the maze. So Harry went to the maze as well. When Harry got there he could see all around him, even the top of a mountain from the exit of the maze!

Then the boy appeared from the hill (that Harry had just climbed). He was looking really tired, even his cheeks were turning bright red.

Then he said, “What is your name?”

Harry replied, “My name is Harry, what is your's?”

He replied, “It’s Will.”

Then he said, “Do you want to go in the maze?”

So they went into the maze, they gazed at the fabulous, spectacular maze that they were in. Then Harry saw the camel that was gazing over them as they ran around the fantastic maze. He wanted to go home but was having too much to be able to go home, but then the camel came over the maze to be able to smash the maze into shreds!

Then the pieces of the maze zoomed all over the hill with no control over them!!!

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