Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Golden Symbols

By George Corfield, year 6, Elizabeth College

Elliot awoke to the sound of his dragon’s heaving breath. He hid under the covers, hoping to get some more sleep. But he didn’t. All too soon, though, the compass called him and his dragon again.

Elliot had packed all of the equipment they needed and set off. The ground around Elliot and Murph the dragon was wet with the morning’s rain. Elliot immediately slipped. However, as they left Lerring, the ground dried out around Rimline Mountain Range. The DANGER sign was mounted on a nearby bush. “Come on, Murph. Let’s go,” said Elliot.

Grasping his pocket knife, Elliot, exhausted from the uphill ascent, took pity on Murph and the load he was carrying, and cut the ropes and split the share of luggage. The pack was heavy though and Elliot collapsed under the weight of the backpack. Soon enough, Elliot found the dead body of his friend, lying motionless on the floor. Next to him lay a rifle, preferably the one that had killed his friend, Robby. Elliot immediately picked up the rifle and pulled the trigger, just to check it fired properly. Murph let out a huge roar across the land. The bullet had hit him square in the side. However, Elliot saw something gleaming in the afternoon sun. It was the tip of a blade. He picked it up and examined it.

As they walked to where the compass told them to, the Desert of Certain Death, Murph spotted the abandoned airport. Elliot decided to take Murph to the creepy building. However, they did not expect to see the waiting area bustling with people trying to leave. “Get out of here you fool, it’s going to kill us!”

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