Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Girl and the mind

By Lacey-Rose Corbally, year 6, Vauvert School

It was darker than normal, normally it was still bright at this time because it's summer, but I thought it was okay that night. I went back to my book. the lights start to flicker.

I heard my mum scream. Now I knew something wasn’t right.

Next thing I know, it all went dark. It could be hours until I woke up. I opened my eyes.

I woke up feeling something holding me. I started to turn my head to look around. It looked like I was still at home, but home didn’t have glistening water or bunniess drinking tea. After I saw that, I knew I wasn’t home.

I let out a huge sigh, this was not normal. My blond ash hair was lying on the floor.

I stood up and mumbled “Hello”. I knew no one would talk because they are animals .Some footsteps came closer and closer.

A dark cruel voice exclaimed, “Hello, Dear.”

I stepped back, then took off. After some time I didn’t hear anything. Once again everything went black.

I opened my eyes for the last time and I was in Paris, my old house, but why, though? There must be a reason for this to come back to this house where I had to leave my grandpa to die alone because of his sickness.

I opened the creaky door and I looked around. Everything was how I remembered, the blankets thrown onto the bed where grandpa was, baking tray and sugar skated around wondering how grandpa stayed there.

Then I saw it. A doctor’s mask, a plague mask. That’s why we had had to leave Grandpa. We had to leave everything.

Everything went Black again. I woke up in bed. This time everything was silent then something happened. I smelt fire burning …

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