Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Forbidden Waterfall

By Phoebe Miles, year 5, Vauvert School

A long time ago there were two lands. One was Zadia, a land where mythical creatures and nature flourished. Dragons flew, lions with horns like dragons roamed the land, and golden feathery winged creature and small dazzling underwater animals were free. All kinds of different animals thrived in Zadia. But, across the Lake Of Lava was Crimea, where all of the humans lived. In Crimea a king called Creta ruled, everyone there hated nature. These two lands fought, Magic against Machine. Most of the time the human troops had to retreat; they had never made it as far as the Polar Dragon's Home.

Luna was an unusual dragon for a start. She had never fitted in with the other dragons or wolves. She was a black and blue Wolf-Dragon - the last of her kind. She lived in Zadia. She had never met her mother or father. Luna only had one friend and her name was Star. She was the most beautiful star-dragon you could ever meet; her scales were a purple-black colour that shimmered in the starlight. Luna had a prickly sister called Crystal: she was a red-pink colour and was a fire dragon. Quite surprisingly, Luna couldn’t fly. Her wings were quite big but she still couldn’t fly.

One night when Luna and Star had snuck out into the forest, Star suggested that she and Luna went to Dragonfalls. Dragonfalls was a beautiful waterfall set in the most amazing peaceful cave. All the dragons loved going here but there was a threat of danger. Luna and Star knew that they shouldn’t go to the forbidden waterfall as it was on the edge of the Lake of Lava and the dreaded Crimea, but their curiosity got the better of them. Little did they know what would happen next..

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