Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The extreme run home

By Barney Fitzgerald, year 5, Elizabeth College

The extreme run home

Tom was running home from where he found a dead end with stones of his family. He ran and ran and ran until he crashed into a wall. The Forest of Madness. Very cautiously, he entered it. He ran into a pack of mad wolves. Tom decided to make a run for it.

But every animal in the forest was chasing him. He, in the 41st tree, found a key just sitting there. He just grabbed it before the wolves got him and ran.

Once Tom barely escaped he said, “I (pant pant) am never going there again,” and just as he was speaking, the door opened. Tom sped around a bend and nearly smacked his head into yet another wall. The mountain of mammoths was just sitting. He climbed MT Mam and he bumped down “Ow ow ow ow ow,” he muttered. MT moths. He grabbed a shiny key, opened the wall and ran before it closed. Bomb city was about to go BANG! A bomb just exploded. Tom was so petrified, he went in found a key and just as he was leaving BANG! “Ahhhh” he screamed as he barely escaped. He went and SMACK! A gold wall turned him towards a path.

Tom knew this place, he once visited the village of strange houses. Roofs were in weird shapes and sizes. House by house he went and eventually found the key. He went across to key hole. 50 keys, 49 fake, 1 real. Key by key by key he went, he picked them all up, climbed up a ladder as tall as the London Eye. He used them all and the real key let him cross for what was next. The Nothing Place. All there was was a key. But then he found he was captured …

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