Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The exciting adventure

By Yvie Mcintosh, year 4, Elizabeth College

"Olivia we have to get to the tree house fast!” shouted Jade.

“What’s wrong?” I replied.

“Olivia, the wicked witch is coming,” said Jade.

“Quick,” I shouted. We ran to the tree house and then I thought I should go on an adventure.

So I did but I went on the adventure when it was night time. Jade was fast asleep. I crept out of the tree house, wait…. I meant I went down the water slide. Finally I got to the bottom of the slide. I started walking, I was not really concentrating on walking and I did not realise there was a hole so I took one more step and I had no clue where I was. Suddenly I saw a little light, I saw big brown eyes looking at me and big floppy ears. As I went closer it ran to me, I was so curious I had to stay, it ran to me and jumped on my knee, it was a little, cute, black puppy. I love puppies so much so I kept her and I called her Magic because I knew that she had a little bit of magic.

Then I thought how we are going to get out of there. We worked together, we got loads of rocks and finally we were out! We were walking when suddenly we heard a noise, we heard a witch's cackle. The witch was stomping down the grassy, green hill. It was so loud you could hear it from a mile away.

“Oh no!” I shouted, “The wicked witch is coming!” I picked up Magic and ran as fast as I could to the treehouse.

When we got to the treehouse Jade said, “Where have you been?” "What’s that noise?”

It was the wicked witch!

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