Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The English Island

By Millie Ogier, year 6, La Houguette School

Lily and her best friend Sky are playing at the park with their dog Summer. In the corner of Lily’s eye she saw Summer run away.

"Sky, come on, we need to catch Summer before we lose her.” Sprinting, they reached her at their old den. Excited, they ran in. Whoosh, they start spinning round and round. Suddenly, they disappeared into thin air. "Where are we?” asked Sky.

“Look there is a piece of paper,” exclaimed Lily, they went to grab it. As they edged closer they got more and more terrified. Finally they picked it up and it said, “You must find your favourite fruit.” They looked round and saw that they were in a gigantic forest of FOOD.

”WOW,” they both shouted in excitement. Off they went to look for their favorite fruit. Whoosh, Sky disappeared.

“Where am I?” Sky said while looking round. She was in a town which was abandoned.There was a sign that read, ”Cross the river to the dragon.” So she got a boat to the other side. In Lily's hand she saw the same words Sky saw. Suddenly a boat appeared right when she wanted one .So off she went to go to the dragon.

They peered around , and saw each other. "There’s a scroll over there," they said. As they grabbed the scroll the dragon gave a humongous “ROAR”. Startled, they fell over.On the scroll it said, "Find the treasure at the bottom of the lake."

”Who's going to swim me or you?” asked Lily.

“You," Sky replied. Suddenly she jumped in. Down at the bottom, Lily found out she could breathe under there . Lily saw a sparkle, so she swam to it, grabbed it and swam back up. When she came out, she was dry.

“You must go to the clouds on the floor,” the dragon boomed.

”We need a boat,” they shouted. Riding on a wave, a boat came towards them.

”Come on let’s go.” Off they went to the clouds.

“Feed me,” said Bob. So they fed him. Then Bob said, “Go through the rainbow.” So they ran through the rainbow.

To be continued...

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