Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

the discovery of corruption

By will czarnecki, year 6, Elizabeth College

Hi my name is Nathanial. I live underground. In the year 3027 the world upstairs is pretty rough: the air quality has long since deteriorated and the sun is so close to our planet that you would burn up in less than a second, it’s pretty much a burning wasteland.

I live alone because my parents wanted to stay in the world upstairs. I have to fend for myself; I have a job at the craving store, supplying stuff from the world upstairs that is hard to get down here, it’s pretty awesome. My best friends live alone too, they come with me on my trips to the world upstairs, all apart from Chubs (his real name is Dumpy we just call him that, he’s a bit chubby).

The others are called Sarah and Stace, they’re both really kind, however Stace is a bit of a pessimist: she always thinks that the people who stayed in the world upstairs turned into mutants so she carries a plasma rifle round with her.

There was a really funny journey once when Chubs got stuck in our secret tunnel and we had to leave him behind.

So we were all in the secret tunnel (except for Chubs) and Stace said, “Do you think that the mayor is corrupt?” Everyone laughed but me. I remember the time he was in prison for 12 years after being found guilty for the murder of his wife, Jane Aragon, part of the Aragon family who owned Aragon enterprises in 3015 before they became broke. I had to investigate further, but how, everyone thought he was a hero after he found the last live dog. No one would believe me but Stace, not even the others. I was lost.

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