Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

the deserted island

By stefano magno, year 6, Notre Dame School

One day there was a very open island. The wind howling and knocking the coconuts off the trees.

At the back of the castle there was a dungeon full of the milk that killed the population of this place. At the castle there was no place to go to get water.

The coconuts were filled with fresh milk. The further in you went it grew darker, darker and darker. The plants started to die, the tree branches fell off every minute. The sand turned into grass and the roots from the trees came out of the ground and made ropes you could trip on.

There were traces of a man who had lived on this island and died of cancer. For this island was filled with lizards, snakes and spiders. There were bushes filled with dead lizards because of the poisonous berries.

On the other side of the dark forest there was a bunch of houses, empty and abandoned. At the back of all the abandoned houses there was an old ancient castle, outside there were many many barrels of coconut milk, that is what killed them all.

For there were berries at the top of the coconut tree so when they opened the coconuts there were already some poisonous berries inside so they drank it and died from it.

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