Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The darkness has landed

By Leo Rivers, year 5, Elizabeth College

The darkness has landed. In the enchanted night a letter arrived at Dan’s manor. Dan groaned and got out of bed .Dan was a red squirrel who made his money by his unique mechanics. Dan opened the letter and it said “The darkness have landed, come quickly to piggy pump. Sincerely piggy.”

Dan got dressed, got his car and drove into the night. As he arrived at the gloomy pump, he saw some guards, two guards. As he entered the pump he was guided to piggy’s office, a dull boring office except for his prize possessions.

“Hello piggy” Dan said speedily.

“Ah,” said piggy, “just who I was looking for. The darkness have landed according to traces in the water.”

”Where?” said Dan.

“Off the coast of canon island get there right away,“ said piggy.

As fast as he could, as Dan went home he was muttering, Stupid piggy”, but just as he was coming home he saw a glimmering object in the sky. It was some kind of asteroid. It was the darkness. He drove to his house as fast as possible. He broke the speed limit of 78 miles per hour.

When he got home he got his duel pistols and plane and he logged in for permission for take-off and to go through the portal to the other side of island. As he went through the mystic portal, he saw clouds gathering into a ring shape over other side island. When he got to the side of the portal he saw a shimmering array of people, an army of people. They had weapons, lots of weapons. They had swords to nuclear weapons.

He was on a mission and he was going to fail it.

Piggy gave a transmission: “Please get the stone in the middle of the ship…"

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