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The Choice

By Hannah Gardner, year 5, Amherst School

The Choice

Calmly, Briar and Eleanor crossed the rickety pier so they arrived at the Isle of the Banished. They both lived in fantastic mansions with exciting playgrounds. Through the playground, there's a gigantic forest which hides a magnificent hotel, called Twilight. This was where Briar and Eleanor worked. “I still can’t get over that only 150 people live on the isle: it’s unbelievably mean of the leader!” yelled Briar in despair.

“I know, we haven’t even done anything wrong.” replied Eleanor with a scowl. By now, the two girls were having an enjoyable stroll to Twilight. Until Eleanors foot got jammed in a tiny rabbit hole!

“Help me Briar! If you could just gently grab my ankle and carefully raise it from the ground, then hopefully, I’ll be free!” cried Eleanor, sounding panicked.

“Ok, here we go! If you're in pain, just tell me, okay El?” replied Briar. Carefully, Briar scooped up Eleanors ankle and gradually, it rose higher until her whole foot was out. “Thanks so much Briar, you’ve been such a great friend.” Eleanor cried.

Limping, Eleanor walked home as quick as she could, as her foot was swelling fast. “Text me when you get home!” bellowed Briar. “I don’t think she heard me,” she muttered. “So, I’ll go after her! Oh, but first I need to go home and feed Kaylee and Skye, my cats. What should I do?” Briar wondered. Skye is a pretty stubborn ginger cat and Kaylee is a smart but timid tabby cat. Briar would normally pick friendship over small cats straight away, but today it was hard because Skye has a sore paw. At the same time, Eleanor could have a very serious injury. Suddenly, she heard a noise. Quickly, she jumped around and saw bulldozers in the direction of…


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