Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Battle for Pig Island

By Rufus Bousfield, year 4, Elizabeth College

Bang! Kafoodo struck Tim`s house again!

”Tim you have to get the staff!”

”Ok, Mum!” shouted Tim.

He sprinted to the capital. Tim started his race to the staff.

Along Jelly Tot path he picked up some cake from Mr Pig. Suddenly, five of Kafoodo`s minions grabbed Tim. He wriggled and finally broke free. Launching a minion into the other ones, Tim quickly scurried off to Mount Crumbly Mountain, with Kafoodo behind him.

Kafoodo struck but missed by inches and knocked a big bolder out of the mountain. The rock started to chase Tim, he ran in the direction of Kafoodo, turning at the last second and destroyed some of Kafoodo`s minions. Kafoodo quickly threw a bolt at Tim`s leg and hit. Tim tried to hop but he couldn’t escape. Kafoodo crept forwards. Tim swiftly chucked a snowball in Kafoodo`s face and made his escape.

Tim made it to Copycat Village and bought a robotic leg. After he got the metal leg, he moved to the Eternal Fire to heal. There was some way to go yet.

At the Frozen Pond, Kafoodo was looking for the staff when Tim appeared. The battle for the staff began!

Tim ran at Kafoodo but his minions blocked him. The ice broke and grabbing the staff, Tim flew back up, barging through Kafoodo`s minions and knocking Kafoodo back with an electro-bolt. In the air the battle commenced. Tim struck but Kafoodo blocked it and lunged, knocking Tim down.

”You will never win!” screamed Kafoodo in Kafgish.

Tim tried to crawl to the staff but Kafoodo kicked it away. Tim tried to stand up but he kept slipping. Kafoodo kicked Tim who started to fly with rage. Tim punched Kafoodo out of the entire world.

“Now what will I do?” he thought to himself. ”Maybe find another bad guy!”

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