Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Apocalypse

By Thomas Woodward, year 5, St Martin’s School

In 2099 AD, it happened! Two of the best scientific brains in their field were attempting to find a cure for cancer, trying to make a scientific breakthrough, hoping for fame and fortune! Then one of them made a catastrophic error, absent-mindedly mixing two nuclear chemicals together. Subsequently, things got very messy! Toxic gases spewed wildly into the air. Within mere minutes, the scientists were helplessly mutated into flesh-eating zombies. Within days, the entire planet had been infected. However, miraculously, one twelve-year-old boy survived this unthinkable tragedy and is still fighting to prevent the extinction of mankind.

"Hey Zombie, I'm Alex. Guess what? You're DEAD!" remarked Alex in a mischievous manner, slicing the zombie's head off with a handmade katana, comprised of chicken wire and some old kitchen knives.

Alex was a rebel, always doing things that he wasn't supposed to, for instance playing with power tools and toying with matches.

Although he was the last known survivor on the planet, Alex had two imaginary friends for company, Zachary and Oscar, both of whom were as rebellious as Alex. They were identical twins and were like brothers to Alex. "Yo Oscar!" boomed Alex, "Pass me that railgun!" Of course, with nobody to fulfil Alex's demands, he became used to fending for himself. Alex ran to the bunker - a network of underground rooms, filled with food, water, armour and, most importantly, a spectacular arsenal of weapons. From snipers to machine guns, assault rifles and more, Alex was probably better equipped than the FBI and military had ever been. Alex loaded the railgun and took aim at a wave of approaching zombies. Suddenly, Alex got a chill down his spine. He had a strange feeling that he was being watched.

He knew this was it ....

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