Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The animal Adventure

By Aliah Dodd, year 6, Amherst School

Once there lived a pig called Piglet and she lived with all her friends like Fox, Bird, Rabbit, Kitten and Puppy. Then me and my friend thought to go on an adventure to the jungle. Then we went to the jungle. Suddenly we had a strange sound coming from the distance like a monkey sound so we followed it it down, then there was a monkey trapped in a cage, so Bird used its wings then got the monkey out and now he's happy. He ran in the distance.

Then we saw a big giant mountain so we went to it then climbed up to the top then we got stuck. Oh no we need help. "Help, help." Suddenly there was a huge noise coming from the jungle. The monkey came to save us, then he got us free then we went back through the jungle all the way home.

Then we all got some carrot but when we were pulling a carrot out there was a map. Suddenly it was a map about a forest so we thought and followed the map to the forest. Cautiously deeper into the forest then we found a lost carrot field so we got a barrow. Then we collected them and put them in the barrow and went home. Suddenly there was something in the water. We went closer and closer to the water, then a glow of smoke appeared in front of Fox, Piglet, Bird, Kitten, Puppy and Rabbit.Then a Witch came and got Fox. Oh no, where had he gone? Suddenly a glowing path went somewhere then we followed it all the way down into thy find a cottage.Then Rabbit stood on Piglet's back and took a look through the window and saw the Witch and Fox. They got Fox out.

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