Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Amazing Snowman

By Chloe Corbin, year 5, Amherst School

Tiny pinpricks danced in the beautiful sky. The sky was dark but not too black because you could see the stars, also you could see the tree. Under the moon there was a frozen tree, it had icicles dangling down from the branch. They were like crystal earrings. When the wind comes the magic wile roofs of houses. Amazingly, the moon never l begin. Suddenly there was are wisp of wind, under the tree two snowmen braced together.

“I am Blossom and I have a brother called Frosty.”

Crystal patterns frosted on the moon like starlight on roofs of houses. Amazingly, the sun changes places with the moon and it never rains, only snows. Snow fell like tiny pieces of lace and sprinkled to the ground like white dust.These snowmen are delicate because if you knock them they will shatter into tiny little pieces. Meanwhile another gust of wind came and icicles fell off the branches and fell on the floor, all the snow buried Frosty but Blossom backed away. A few minutes later Blossom started to look everywhere for her brother. “I cannot find him,” she said then she sat next to a tree all alone with no canopy from her brother. Blossom had an idea:

"Let's go on an adventure and I might find my brother. Let's go.”

Frosty said, “I found you, where were you?" "I was buried in the snow," he said, "Now we can actually go on an adventure, let's go."

So they went to one, they only went on one because they were new there. As they left, white crisp leaves from the tree crunched to the floor like fairy dust.

To be continued………………..

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