Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Adventure

By Mya Bateman, year 6, La Houguette School

There is a girl called Evie. She is really bored so she decides to look at her map to see what she can do today. She sees three interesting places she can't wait to go to, so she sets off and goes for the magical adventure .

Evie arrives at her first place and it's called Slime Street.The first person she meets is called Slime Queen, she goes over everything for example a bowl, spoon, glue, activator and extras like glitter and paint. Then this man comes and says, "Welcome to Slime Street, I am Prince Bubble I will be teaching you how to make bubbles so

you need to make the slime first, you have two minutes. Time's up, wow! That is really good slime so how to make a bubble is to pull it up and then drop it and there you go."

"Well thank you for having me but I have to go now, so bye."

Next Evie arrives at Squishy Town and someone very unusual welcomes her, an ice cream. She says, "Hi this is where we make squishy so you're going to love it, let's get started so what do I do first? You pick your squishy, I pick the unicorn, good choice, so now you paint it okay and now we put it somewhere really hot for a minute and there you go."

"Thank you but I'm really sorry, I have to go, bye bye."

So the last place is called Candy Park, this looks so fun. "Hello I'm gummy bear, I'm in charge of this park. Everything is made out of candy so you can eat it and it will grow back so go and have fun this is the best."

"I'm sorry but my mum is calling me, gotta go bye."

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