Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The adventure through the woods

By sabrina moullin, year 6, Amherst School

“Where am I?” Nelly thought.

She was surrounded by mountains and saw a deserted castle off in the distance.Water crashed against Nelly`s legs, dragging her into a dirty, disgusting pond. She strolled over the mountains, entering the Chuckily woods where you could hear laughing sounds.

Nelly stumbled through the woods while soft grass slithered in between her toes. Bare branches reached for her.Tall trees towered over her, blocking out the sunset.The blackout woods were lit up by the beautiful moon rising above the trees. Leaves ruffled like crumpling paper. Weird creatures past Nelly, giving her a death stare.

Suddenly a wizard appeared with a wand in its hand. Nelly grabbed her wand, casting a spell onto the deathly wizard but the wizard was too smart and reversed the spell back onto Nelly. Nelly flew back onto the floor, crashing into a tree. The wizard walked closer, casting more and more spells onto Nelly, making her barely be able to cast any back onto the wizard, but she didn't give up. Nelly stood back up and cast a spell onto the wizard.Then the wizard disappeared into the night sky.

After that Nelly carried in with her journey through the woods, exploring little holes filled with mysterious creatures.Nelly entered into a dark room and couldn't see anything. At that moment there was a flashing light at the end of the room.She noticed a tiny door at the end.Then there was a knock and someone spoke.

"Help me I have been stuck in here for days and I can't get out!” a mysterious voice said.

Nelly asked who they were and why they were there.

“Im Nick. Now help me.”

Nelly opened the door and there they were.It was a tall man on the floor.

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