Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

The Adventure in Imaginary Land

By Cameron Alexander-Sloman, year 6, La Houguette School

In a town called Benjo there was a boy called Sam who loved going outside. His favorite thing to do was to go to the forest and today

he was allowed to. Whilst he was walking up to the forest he saw piles of leaves everywhere which was weird to him because yesterday the piles weren't there. But he didn’t care much so he carried on to his favorite rope swing. Peering closer to where it would be, he saw it had fallen off. When he got there he fixed it to the tree and tried it out. It was fine for the first time but then he went flying off the second time into a pile of leaves and then disappeared. When he arrived in the new world he was unsteady and petrified. The floor was rough and had rocks every we’re. He just couldn’t stand being there. Sam still didn’t know were he was but he really needed to know because anything he imagined would appear and that he loves dragons was a problem. So one night he went to sleep and dreamt away about dragons but by the morning there was a dragon. Sam didn’t see it though. But he heard the noises. Fearing now from the noises, he carried on with his breakfast. After breakfast he couldn’t hear the noises so he just went out to explore. He saw small non harmful animals that he really wanted to keep because of their powers. Excited from the animals, he strolled on until he saw the marshmallow trampolines. When he got on them, it was like there was a ring around

it that stopped him getting off. As he was jumping, he saw the dragon in the trees so he pulled himself off and went to explore…

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