Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Tagwan City

By Rafi James, year 5, St Martin’s School

Matt Howard liked architecture. He liked all types of architecture. However, the biggest thing he had ever built was a Tipi in his grandparents’ garden.

Matt was on his way home from school when on the path he saw a scrunched up piece of paper and thought, ‘People these days!’ He picked it and looked at it. It was a building plan for a whole city! He was astonished, he touched the pen lines in awe. As quick as a

flash, Matt was tipped head first into the plan, he felt like he was on a rollercoaster. With colours flashing and ever growing ideas, Matt saw the plans he had seen for the first time, only seconds previously, coming into a reality not known to human eyes before. After who knows how long, Matt finally noticed that he was lying on a solid floor, he opened his eyes and stood up. It was just like the drawing.

With skyscrapers and mansions everywhere in Tagwan City, he knew that it was called this from the great banners pitched helpfully all over the city. Any lost traveler would instantly know where they were. It was incredulously packed with all of Matt’s dreams, all of them. This was his paradise, his perfect life, and now he was here to witness first hand how architecture works.

“You do realise that you’re standing on a train track, don’t you,” said a voice from behind him.

He spun around and saw a sketched figure of a girl.

“Who are you?” he asked while moving off it.

“I’m Azariah.”

“Oh. Well, I’m Matt.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine, why do you say that?”

“Because you just fell from the sky.”

“I’ll tell you the story while we walk.”.

And with that they quickly walked off, laughing and joking.

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