Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Stinky Sock Land

By Hannah Crockford, year 3, Hautes Capelles School

Hi, I’m Zoe and I am fifteen years old. My friends describe me as a smiley girl. I have red hair, freckles over the bridge of my nose, rosy cheeks and sparkling blue eyes. I normally wear navy blue jeans and a plain yellow t-shirt. I am very eager and always up for a challenge.

I met my friend Alicia at the park when, all of a sudden, we heard some crying. A little boy was wiping his eyes and looking up. We followed his gaze and saw a kite stuck in a tall tree. I whizzed up the tree and came back down with the kite. We were tired so I suggested we sat down for a break. But as soon as we touched the bench, we got sucked up… and landed on a cloud.

“Where are we?” I said as we drifted by a baby holding a balloon. All of a sudden the cloud disappeared and we started to fall. “Help!” we screamed. We landed with a thump on the ground. “Welcome to Stinky Sock Land” came a voice through a loudspeaker. Alicia and I looked around in amazement, there were heaps of socks everywhere.

Then we heard some footsteps … there was a MONSTER! “ ‘ello” he said. The monster was small, friendly, helpful and cheery. He showed us around and said his name was Bernard. We were having a wonderful time. We climbed sock mountains, we went to sock shops and found our lost socks. We even had some food at the Scrumptious Socks café.

Afterwards we did roly-polies down a sock hill, where we touched a magic sock, which sucked us back up with a whoosh, and we landed back on the bench at the park.

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