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Skull Island

By Ariana Marais, year 5, Elizabeth College

Once upon a time there was a boy called Sam. He loved his mum and dad. Sam was a very good boy. One day his parents said to Sam to go and get changed for school. Sam had to brush his teeth before going to school.

When Sam was at school, his teacher, called MRS REED, told Sam to go in to the terrifying cupboard to get some maths homework.

When Sam went into the terrifying cupboard, he said "This cupboard is very messy. I am never going to find the maths homework."

Sam looked everywhere but Sam did not check behind the teacher’s jumper, so Sam checked behind the jumper. But the maths homework was not there.

But instead, there was a door. Sam crawled through the door and came to Skull Island and before Sam knew it, he was in a forbidden forest. Sam ran through the forbidden forest and over the bridge to the top of the chocolate waterfall.

When Sam was on the chocolate waterfall Sam said this was not fast at all but when he was going down really fast he said it was too fast.

When Sam came to the end of the chocolate waterfall he was very dizzy. When Sam went to visit Tiktok tower it was where you got tea and cake. When Sam got to Tiktok tower, he ordered some cake. When it came they put it on to the table. Sam looked at the cake and said, "Yummy, I love chocolate cake…"

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