Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Skull Island

By isabella fysh, year 6, Forest

Over the cliffs the warm sun shone above the world dancing in the sky. But if we go down to the ground, a young girl awoke from her bed. Her name was Alexa. She was kind and caring but she could also be determined and almost like a soldier.

Her father was called King Peter and owned Sparrow College. It was an only boys' college but he sent Alexa there anyway.

A few years later her dad died and she knew where, Skull Island. He got captured by Flare the dragon and Rocky the ogre. As soon as she heard the news about her father she planned to sail to Skull Island and find him.

She went home to pack her bags and then she left, sailing slowly across the sea to the dark and gloomy island that held monsters in its land.

She arrived at the Island and walked across the fields that lead to a village. She met the people there and asked for help, but they said no. She offed them money but they still said no. Finally, she offed them her service. They discussed the matter and said yes.

She told them what had happened to her father and that she needed help to find him. They loaded the trucks with spears and swords and set of for rocky cave first. They arrived at the cave, which was covered in blood and bones and at the foot of the cave there were massive footprints that lead out of the cave.

They followed the footprints all the way to Flare’s cave and then they saw Rocky dead on the floor, his guts spilled out of him. They were about to turn back when they heard a roar and as soon as they knew it, they were gone...

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