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By Sam Savory, year 6, Elizabeth College

Spluttering, I clutched onto the grainy and slippery sand, relieved to be back on land once again. All of my family had sunk to the depths of the bland, bottomless ocean in our tragic and horrible shipwreck. I was the only survivor, barely escaping with my life. I took a few seconds to catch my breath then I wandered aimlessly into this mysterious land I had been cast upon.

As soon as I managed to scramble up what seemed like a never-ending sandbank, I was surrounded by huge, looming trees that looked as if every single one of them was watching my every move as I made my journey through this massive wood.

I finally made it out of that awful brambly wood, cuts and scars on my legs barely able to withstand my own body weight, when I saw what looked like a man-made building. I ran and ran as fast as my tired and bruised legs would carry me towards this weird, stone building with the hope of a human life form being inside.

As I got a bit closer, it appeared like an old, dilapidated Roman temple. I opened the front door which was covered in moss and creaked like a floorboard. With that butterfly feeling in my stomach, I entered. Little did I know nothing would ever prepare me for what terrible dangers lay inside. Then I walked up the rotting wooden stairs, still full of hope that there would be someone to get me out of this horrible island.

I saw an old rundown wooden door, slightly open. Then I cautiously entered and screamed. I was being eaten by the living dead, tearing away at my precious flesh and demolishing my skull to try and get to my brain.

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