Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Shadow Land

By Imogen Bacon, year 6, The Ladies’ College

Up in the clear sky a flock of 40 cravens continue their long journey. The craven pack is a deadly predator. Their ear piercing screeches echo for miles and menacing rose gold eyes scan the land. As they soar high above, their navy wings seem to connect; tip to tip. This casts a giant evil shadow over the land below. For this is a land where birds rule. This is Shadow Land.

The scorching sun shines down its powerful rays. The air is hot and dry. Ferns and wild grasses grow sparsely in this flat barren wilderness. The land is tinted red, and is rocky and dusty, but there is a narrow cooling river gently flowing through. In this fresh clear water live small shiny fish. Their bodies are orange tinged, with transparent fins and tail, to camouflage them with the riverbed.

With deafening cries, the flock swoop down. They land in clusters along the bank. The starving birds clamber over one another, desperately fighting for the fish. Some have not eaten for days. But the fish are scarce. They clasp the fish in their sharp beaks and swallow them whole, to avoid the food being stolen. All this commotion for just a minuscule piece of food. The fish are defenseless. The cravens screech in their animal tones

"My fish!"

"My food!"

"My fish!"

There is not enough to go round. The hungry birds must continue on their journey, in search of their ultimate prey. For the final time, their magnificent wings take to the sky, casting their evil shadow over Shadow Land.

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