Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Brandon Dodd, year 6, La Houguette School

Firstly, everyone had woken up. It was spring. However, in one part of Guernsey it was 29 degrees. In a different place of Guernsey it was minus 1 degree and in the last part of Guernsey it was like autumn.

Worried, everyone went outside to see what was happening. No one knew why the sky was like this?

Everyone was talking to strangers to see if they knew but no one knew. So, everyone went inside for the rest of the day.

The next day, everyone got up a little bit earlier to see if the sky had changed.Exhausted, they went outside and it hadn't changed but horrifically in the part of Guernsey where it was winter it was raining sweets and chocolate. All the children were so happy and wanted it to stay like that forever but the parents were still confused. Some parents were even angry because spring was their favourite time of year. The children ran inside and got loads of carrier bags and held them out so they got loads of sweets and chocolate whilst the

parents stood there and were terrified that it would always be like this, shouting at the children telling them “That’s enough. Come inside.”

That night the parents kept looking out of the window to see if it the sky had gone back to normal. As, everyone woke up they didn’t bother checking if the sky had changed because they knew it wouldn’t have.

But weirdly every part of the weather had changed spot: winter was where summer should have been, summer was where autumn was and autumn was where winter was. Everyone had their breakfast and tried not to worry about the weather but they really were worrying about the annoying weather. So everyone just stayed in bed all day.

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