Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Seaicon City

By Hollie Archenoul, year 5, Vauvert School

In an Imaginary world under the sea, live millions of little Seaicorns ,unicorns that live under the sea. The Queenicorn roams their little world to make sure everything is in tip top condition. The Queenicorn lives in a wonderful ice palace and she has thousands of servants. The Seaicorns have horns as shimmery as a polished shoe. Because they can’t breath underwater, they have a glass dome over them so it stops the water from flooding in. The Seaicorns live in giant unicorn horns that shimmer in the reflection of the glass. On top of the palace there is a clock but it’s not any normal clock: it’s in unitime which is the time of the unicorns.

The Seaicorns have the ship of dreams, the Titanic, on display and they have turned it into a red carpet place for the Queenicorn. They can even stand on the edge of the rail and jump off because they have installed a super tramp underneath .On the top of the Titanic is a flag to show to the baby Seaicorns that this place is the place of worship to their Queen. Inside the Titanic they have hotel rooms so that if there are any visitors that aren’t humans, they can stay.

In my world no humans are allowed. The humans don’t even know about this world! Isn’t that surprising?

One day they discovered a new species, it was called Ocean. The beautiful shade of blue was spectacular. The horns were dazzling, the Seaicorns could barely look at them because they were so bright!

The Seaicorns had been noticing that it was getting harder to breath. The world was getting polluted! How could they save the planet? They worked together to make posters and hang them in public places. Suddenly people realised and they helped save the world.

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