Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Sam's Adventure

By Louie Piper, year 3, Elizabeth College

One lovely morning I woke up feeling funny because I was in a land far, far away from home, but there was a funny smell. I was in chocolate castle and decided I should eat a bit of the castle to see how yummy it was.

There was a flock of dragons flying all around me! I was so scared I nearly past out with fear. The dragons were friendly and nice to me. On the floor I noticed there was £6, which was strange but I decided to pick it up. Next to me there was a man who was selling the dragons for £3 so I bought two. I named one Denver and the other Dudley.

First I rode on Denver and then I rode on Dudley. Dudley was not that good so I gave him away. I got £3 back, that's when the real adventure started.

As we whizzed through the air the soft wind blew slowly at me. We reached ground and we began to build a house out of dark oak wood. Denver said "What are you doing?" and I said "Did you just talk?" "Yes," he said. I was amazed.

A few moments later we had finished building the house and there magically appeared a big bunny, he was about 10 feet tall.

He was holding Easter eggs, I said "Are you the Easter bunny?" He gave me a big creme egg, it was golden. I tried some and it was not yummy because it was not chocolate.

Then I woke up, I need chocolate I thought.

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