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By Guy Dunning, year 4, Elizabeth College

After I’d picked up Pythagoras the Invincible from the village of the elves we headed off towards the mountains. Pythagoras came with John Park from the town of Ethen Bern who picked up William and Wallis Parr from the land of water. Once we had passed the hall of thoughts William and Wallis had to stop.

“We have been walking for months it seems please can we just take a break,” they pleaded together.

You see water men are not great at walking so we had to stop for them. After a few minutes passed we got going again, when we caught are first glances of the Titan Mountains, it gave the first hope of the hour and at that the last but it was getting late so we had to make camp for the night. I awoke by the sound of soft mumbling, I looked around it was pitch black except for eight red circles glowing in the darkness when I looked around there were more and more and more. When I looked closer I noticed hairs, hairs, on every one of them and then out of the shadows came nine oversized man eating spiders! I awoke everybody immediately, incredibly everybody was alive. They were all questioning me but I was too busy readying my bow and arrow at a spider’s eye I let go with such force it sent him whimpering away with pain. That just infuriated them even more, Pythagoras, William and Wallis all drew their swords and the fight begun! We barely got out of there alive, after that we just kept walking and after an hour or two I bumped into what felt like a scaly wall and then it mysteriously disappeared and out came Bert the Almighty the fiercest dragon ever to live.

“This is the end of you,” boomed his voice.

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Dreams about unicorns

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The Island of Make Believe

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The Powerful Playset

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The Illusion of Reality

By Joseph Blake, year 9, Elizabeth College

Poof! This is my imagination and entirely dreamed up. Are you still here? You must want to read on...

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Chocolate Island

By Chloe Le Gallez, year 6, La Houguette School

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The crash landing.

By Leo Guilbert, year 7, Grammar School

Two weeks after the crash, due to an unknown reason, Jonsey - the only remaining survivor - was still alive...

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The Adventures of Crazy Monkey and Crazy Donkey

By Joe Bradley, year 3, Hautes Capelles School

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