Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

rickety runner

By jordan stranfer, year 6, Forest

Due to the weather, it wasn't going to be a normal day. It was raining and hailing at the same time while he was inside the house. Noah moaned, ”Why is the weather so bad?”

When Noah was trying to get in his Ford Focus RS, he realized that he didn't have the keys to his car so he had to check the number plate, his number plate is 82792, and the car he was trying to get in wasn't the car that he owned, it was behind the car he was checking. Then he whispered to himself, “What to do?”

Noah realized that it was not his car and got the keys that were in his kitchen. He got in the car with carbon seats decorated with gold yellow thread lines on the seats. He found out it was an hour drive from his house to the running race track, so he decided to go for it and arrive at the right time. He was supposed to be there at 7:30 but he got there at 7:00 because he left at 6:00.He wasn't very happy about being early so he decided to do some practice laps around the track that took about 30 minutes and then he decided to to do another 15 laps so he knows how to get round instead of being confused.

But when Noah was on his tenth lap he realised it wasn't on that day it was tomorrow so he had practiced for nothing.

“Why am I always so dumb every day,” angrily said Noah. So he decided to drive back home which was another hour to get there so he went and filled his fuel tank with petrol which was actually £183.76 and he was confused.

“Why so much for 40 litres of petrol?” shouted Noah.

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