Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Revenge of the Buses

By Toby Blazina, year 3, Elizabeth College

Once there was a great war between the Buses and the dogs. Everybody was raging and there was fire everywhere. Finally the war stopped. The Buses were put into a land called Chocolate.

One day two puppies were born. Their names were Coco and Halliday. Halliday was a Black Lab and Coco was a Golden Lab. Their eyes were shiny like gold, their collars were diamonds and gold. Coco was a girl and Halliday was a boy.

One day they went to the magical tree. But the tree was MISSING. They went to look for it. They found it in the Land of Food. It was fine. It said it went flying. The tree was so magical it was King of the World. It made the dogs into King and Queen of the World. They then lived in the palace. There was a pool of food. Then two more puppies were born. Their names were Bruce and Bella. Their eyes were shining like gold and their collars were made of gold and diamonds. Bella was a girl and Bruce was a boy.

Little did they know that the Buses were planning to invade the Land of Food!

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