Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Hamish Morton, year 4, Elizabeth College

Here in front of me was the red lake and creaky bridge. I started walking on it but then it broke and I had to swim away.

On to the land, and then I had to walk to the shop to buy wood for the bridge, but when I got there it was closed. Then I went to my boat to go to the lost island and see if the lost island had any wood for the bridge.

“I think I need 26 more planks of wood for the bridge.”

”I might just take one more.”

I thought I saw a jungle over there. I thought I could use magic to make an axe. I needed to run because the sun was going down and when it goes down, monster come to life. So I started cutting down the tree.

I ran down to the boat and started to go to sleep…

The next day I woke up. When I went to pick the wood up, I saw that the wood was gone. I looked at the lost island and I saw a creature holding wood heading to the wood. Then the creature turned right to the eye of the creator and dropped the wood on the floor and ran away to a house next to the eye of the creator, and turned around and saw the wizard. He charged at him and tried to bite him. He started to run to the boat. He started to drive away to the town.

” I need to go to the hotel to get a nap before..”

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