Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Puzzle Aim World

By Mia-Paige De Carteret, year 6, Amherst School

On May 1st 2019, a few friends went to PUZZLE AIM WORLD with an adult. Poppy invited her friends to go with her. She invited Olivia, Rachel, Summer and mum.

At 8:oopm they packed their stuff to go on the plane and only had 10 minutes to get there. They had finally got on the plane and put their stuff in where the other suitcases were.

They arrived at Puzzle aim world at 11:30pm and they saw an ice-cream land, Antarctica is fun and you can get ice-cream wherever want to and your friends will have a brain freeze if you have one. In the Antarctic you can build Igloos so you can live in them forever:you’ll be happy forever.

The people can build Igloos so people can live in them forever if they want to be there. The library is where people go and get books if they want to read, and there is a park near the Antarctic. There is falling snow. Olivia asked her friends if they can go back to the Antarctic to their igloos to go to bed. The next morning, Olivia woke up the others and said "Do you want to go fishing in the harbour? And, after that, we can go to ice-cream land and get an ice-cream for everyone so we can cool off a bit!!" So they did do what Olivia said after all. The cloud castle is where the Queen and King live with the Prince and the Princess. The Princess is called Elizabeth and the Prince is called James, and they lived happily as a family and watch over the world. The Queen, King,Princess and Prince, Olivia and Rachel,the rest of her friends went home and had lots of fun!

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