Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Impenetrable rustling

By ella mcdermott, year 5, La Houguette School

One day, I woke up to find myself lying down in pile of brown, crunchy, leaves. The leaves had faces like old wrinkly men; they were looking deep and hard into my soul. I shivered so violently that I fell back onto my dreadfully bruised back. I slowly grabbed a leaf and put it on the palm of my hand, the hand that had been nastily grazed like all the other parts of my body. The leaf sucked me into itself until we became one and together we landed in a haunted house's back yard. It was a bit dilapidated, but to be honest it looked like any old city garden; full of litter with no grass, just wet, brown mud. Well it would have been normal if there wasn't skulls and dead birds every step you took.

I decided to venture into the house, I could hear crows screeching like horror films that I used to watch before I was sucked into this nightmare; like the most recent one, 'the dead skull'.

I opened the creaky door that was chestnut but to my surprise the door was, clean, polished, and shiny like someone cleaned it every day. Just as I was about to find out who and what lived inside I scratched my palm and the leaf dropped onto the rotting floor and echoed.

Suddenly I splatted back onto the surface with a piles of leaves. Thankfully I landed on the biggest pile, even though it made a big crunch I wasn't injured. I slid down the pile of leaves, stood up and slammed my head on a branch. My head started to whirl like a tornado. I found myself back in my bed and mum asked if I was ok because I had fallen asleep during 'the dead skull'.

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