Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Plastic Planet

By Nathan Masterton, year 5, Vauvert School

Crash!! I ferociously landed on this planet. Dust quickly covered my eyes and then I saw what this place actually was. A wasteland covered in all types of plastic. This wasn’t Neptune, or at least the one I remember. I thought I had found sanctuary, but quickly I realised I hadn’t. This so-called forest was covered in plastic. Suddenly something screeched. I figured out what it was, a sloth stuck up in a tree tangled in plastic! I had to do something quickly. I scrambled up the tree like a cat scratching at its scratch pole. My legs propelling the rest of my body up the tree, slowly but surely. Just as I thought I had done all I could, a miracle happened. The last push that my legs could do propelled me up the tree! I grabbed the sloth and untangled the plastic from his neck and carried him on my shoulder and set off again.

Amazed, I saw a mountain but not just any mountain but a tin can mountain! Seconds later I saw something glinting at the top of the mountain and decided to check it out. Bottle caps kept falling like meteorites, but when I got half way up I realised what it was. The ship! I raced up the mountain to try and get it. The tin cans were denying me slipping down. I struggled until finally I succeeded. It wasn’t what I imagined, but went on anyway. It was a sludge lagoon. There was no way of getting over, but then I suddenly spotted something! It was a giant water-skipper. We mounted it, but it only went half way. Something glistened through the murky water. It was yet another part of the ship. We fished it out. Suddenly I stopped..

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