Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By Louis Day, year 6, Elizabeth College

The World is in two parts, they are in a war. Pland is trying to convince Plastic Free Land to use plastic. Pland's leader is Queen Pland. She rules Pland. Then Plastic Free Land sets on a mission to capture Queen Pland's castle. They leave on 5th March 2080. On 7th March they arrive in Pland Forest. Pland Forest is a 1000-acre wood, they even have their own type of tree, ‘bottle tree.’ It takes the Plasfreelians 36 hours to clamber through this forest. On 10th of March it is time to go over the rolly molly hills, they are over 90 feet high so this is a real challenge, it takes them six hours to climb one mountain and there are four mountains in total so it takes the warriors 24 hours. The next day they arrive in plastic swamp, plastic swamp is full of poisonous bottle snakes, 35% of their army is lost due to the poisonous snakes, leaving them with an army of 350 men. On 13th March 2080, the Army is now arriving in Bottle Port ( Bottle Port is the largest port in Pland). On average 15 bottle boats go through this harbour in one hour. They have to get the chain ferry across the river Wonder, to stop the Captain knowing who they are they change into some washerwomen outfits. On 14th March they find themselves battling with high winds and molten plastic. The molten is plastic so it smells disgusting. On 16th March the Army arrives at Queen Pland's Castle. The Guards have fallen asleep so they find it easy to sneak into the Queen's bedroom. They wake her up and start to talk to her about using plastic, the conversation goes on for hours and in the end they agree to not use plastic.

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