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Pink Pom Land

By Ava Zunino, year 6, Blanchelande School

Dear Diary,

Today was another day stuck in the gloomy, dull desert. So far I’ve counted, and it’s been 652 days, I think. So long, so little water. So little food. I could just about hear myself think…I decided to sit under the nearest cactus. The shade felt amazing.

“What was that?” I quietly said to myself. The ground shook, “I am only 15. I won’t have much meat on me.” I said to the ground, I thought it would eat me. As I turned around to see what it was, a big beast. Not just a bird but a big bird, not just a big bird but a ginormous bird. Its enormous wings spread out very wide. Very wide. Almost as wide as the great wall of China. I shrieked.

Out of nowhere came a big pom pom. A big bright pink pom pom. It squealed and flew away. The pink pom pom took a breath and whispered, “Hello, Hello Ava, I am the Pink Pom, Queen of Pink Pom Land! Hop on my back and I’ll take you there!” So I hopped on its back. I was shaking with excitement and fear. The cold breeze brushed against my cheeks and forehead. The wind closed my eyes because it was so strong. Soon I could see a magenta shape beneath me as I strode through the wind. Giant candy canes stuck out of the ground. We came closer to the ground every second. We landed very smoothly. As I got off the Pink Pom’s back I noticed smaller pom poms. Smaller but still as cute.

They all nattered in a very high pitched voice. “Follow me, I will take you to your room.” The Pink Pom took me inside an enormous purple castle and it took me to my room.

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