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Mystical Sakura Island

By Aimee Hamilton, year 6, La Houguette School

Once there were two twins called Sasaki and Sensei. They weren’t like other siblings, they didn’t fight nor did they argue about ridiculous things, they were best friends. You’d always see them playing with each other. If one was bullied or if someone fell over, they’d help each other out, they were really close brothers.

Few weeks later…

Sasaki and Sensei were just playing around with their friends until.. “Aaaaahhh!!” One of Sensei’s friends screamed like thunder, shaking the whole playground in their school. “Guys help!!” They ran across the whole playground, sprinted behind the school building, across to the nearby cafe and hid behind it. They all took

really big breaths and sat down on the floor to regain their energy back. Who was chasing them? Were they in trouble? No one will ever know...

“Guys c’mon we have to keep on going further. What if he comes back and brings more people!?” “That’s actually a pretty good idea,

Sensei. Let’s go guys before they come back after us.” They traveled their way back to their houses before sunset then… Sasaki heard a voice that was not familiar. After, they kept on making their way back and then he heard it again, who was that? There was silence it’s like you could hear a pin drop, it was literally that quiet.

“What’s going on with Sasaki?” “ Are you ok big brother?” Sensei questioned. “I’m fine, I just heard a voice quite near, Sensei..” “Oh, then we should probably go back home as fast as possible.”

They ran until their faces was all tired-looking. “My legs hurt.”

“We have to keep on going or else he might come back again or you might hear the unknown voice.” Somehow, they got knocked

out, of nowhere.

To be continued…

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