Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

Mystery of Divinia...

By Evie-Louise Clark, year 5, Amherst School

With all our strength, Emma and I climbed up the wall surrounding our small village. Before me, Emma sat on the great wall. She gasped. The sun lowering, Emma jumped down, staring upon Devil's Isle, the small island across Divinia, “Theo! The volcano, it's shaking!” Emma shouted. I followed Emma as she made her way past the Ruins of the Dark Forest, into the harbour. “Don’t you think this is dangerous?” I asked.

“Stop being a scaredy-cat!” she laughed.

I heard footsteps, within milliseconds, a black gloved hand settled on mine and Emma’s shoulders. We looked back, thankfully it was Governor Musa. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUTSIDE THE VILLAGE!?” she shouted. Governor Musa was wearing tight leather boots, a dark blue blazer, and beige trousers (as usual). “Governor Musa! Don't you see? The volcano is about too erupt!” I exclaimed. Turning as pale as the moonlight, Governor Musa glanced at the volcano. Lava was pouring. “RUN!” Emma shouted with fright. Lava, as red as my hair, poured across Devil's Isle...

Waking everyone up, we arrived at the village, escorting everybody out of their homes. The lava was spreading into the sea, we rushed to the front gate of the village. “GUARDS OPEN THE DOORS, QUICK!” yelled Governor Musa, nobody was there. We suspected the guards had already run to save themselves. I could smell smoke from the volcano, children were screaming and crying. Parents lay their arms in front of their children, acting as a shield.

Everybody started piling boxes, crates and pots to try and make a ramp for people to climb up. I started searching for my parents as well as Emma looking for hers, luckily we found them. It was too late. With a flash the volcano exploded all over Divinia in the village…

It was Divinia's End…

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