Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

My Story

By Teddy Haddow, year 5, Elizabeth College

A boy called Teddy was in a car and he went on Brick wall and he drove in it and he lived but what was this, there was a big castle. He was young but then 2 shadows came and took him.

"Let me go,” said Teddy.

“You’re not Teddy,” said the man, “you’re a hybrid now." What’s a hybrid? A ninja. “And you will work for me and because I helped you because you could be dead.”

“You did not help.”

"But yes I did. 17 arrows were going to kill you. Put this on.”

" What is it?”

“It’s a hybrid costume, it will give you bars to be a ninja and beat the king of ice. He makes us die of cold but we are Fire Group and were with the fire king and but he is weak.”

“So, you need more people to fight for you."

"Yes and you need to kill him. But I need an army and the fire king to help but I will do it so."

“How strong is he the ice king?”

“Oh he is strong but go and get an army,” so he did and he got 10000 troops and they went into battle and the ice king with his ice troops he had 10000 and then they ran in to battle and Teddy and ice king and the fire king came and they fought for a fortnight

And it ended but the ice king and they kept fighting but the ice king had no troops and the fire king had no troops. The troops fought for a fortnight but more and more came and fought and fought and fought and killed and killed but when the king's dead, but the fire hit the ice king.

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