Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

My Magic Pen

By Clara Green, year 6, Blanchelande School

I was running from a monster. My heart was pounding when I saw his big brown, sharp teeth and green sticky hair. I was swinging from tree to tree hoping that I lost the monster. But then suddenly a woman appeared out of nowhere. I could not see clear enough but all I could hear was… “Lucy come on.” I opened my eyes to see my mum staring at me. She yelled, “Lucy! Get ready you are late for school again.” Then I just zoomed out. I got my backpack, lunch and pencil case ready for school and had to eat my toast in the car.

I got to school but then Mr Dot shouted at me once again for being late. Oh dear, this is not a good day! I grabbed the first pen I found and started writing what was on the board. The lesson seemed to be about a fire hazard, I’m pretty sure. But out of nowhere what I wrote came to life……... the school started to worry because we all heard beeping, but thought it was nothing. Smoke started coming in, then the teachers all shouted “everybody get out now!” I went up to Mr Dot after everybody calmed down and was out of the school. I told him that it was my fault because of my pen... he then giggled and whispered, “Are you ok because what you are saying is pretty crazy...” I just ran to a corner and fell on my knees and cried. My best friend Molly came to me to comfort, but so did mine.

As soon as my mum picked me up, I went to my bedroom as I knew she would not believe me either. She then called me downstairs: “Lucy get some fresh air before dinner please.”

‘’Ok mum’’ I called back. I went outside and I figured out that…I should get the hang of things, so I wrote about my dream dog! But nothing happened, I just went to bed and missed dinner because I was not hungry, but when I woke up something happened…..

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