Primary. Years 3/4/5/6

My life of promise

By charlotte carre, year 6, Elizabeth College

One day in the wild west of America, in the bushes and the wild trees there stood a week-old foal with its mum breathing in all of the beautiful smells. Then suddenly a big cat came growling down the hill. The herd ran for their lives, but Hero the foal got separated from his mum Alice, then it went silent, then he heard hooves trotting on the ground. He thought, ’MUM!’ but they were men.

They caught Hero and brought him down the mountains to his new home, the stable. They fed him and loved him. Hero was a black foal with a white star on his head and ocean blue eyes. When they knew he would not harm anyone and he knew they would not harm him they showed him to his owner. The owner was a beautiful young girl named Mia, she loved horses and dreamed of one just like Hero. She wanted to have Hero as a foal so she could connect before he was a full-grown stallion. They spent hours together and they trusted each other.

A few years later and Hero was trained, not just that but he was the best jumper in the world. Then one day bad news came: Mia had her leg amputated so they let Hero go into the wild. As Hero was walking in the forest he saw a herd with a dead stallion on the floor, there was a mare lying down next to the stallion, he went and laid next to her, he looked in her eyes. As he did he noticed that it was his mum Alice and the stallion was his dad, then they hugged as mother and son and from that day on he was the leader of the great herd.

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