Primary. Years 3/4/5/6


By jonathan wallhead, year 4, Elizabeth College

You will not believe what I have found at the shed. It’s a portal! I found out when I was playing hide and seek outside at Acorn House.

I hide in the shed and get teleported to France. Next, I teleported Madagascar and to Nerd and best of all, time stops.

When I return, the bell rings and I am on time even if I stay in the place for seven years. I am still on time and I told my four friends called Gulliver, Hamish, Sam and Koby. They did not believe me at first. Then I showed them and they could not believe their eyes. They said they want to go on an adventure with me and, “Yes!” I boomed in surprise.

And in the shed there was a massive portal. How I found it, I went in the shed then I fell down and I went into the portal and when I get out the bell rang. I found a tunnel and I got out. The only one problem, there is a hole in the ground! So I have to cover it and go on an adventure! And on my adventure I went to Mr. Walton’s office .Mr. Walton wondered how I got here and I explained about the shed and how I told my friends and how I wanted him to join us on our adventure.

I did want to and I had a battle with a strong boy and I won the intense battle. I celebrated my victory! And Mr. Walton went on my adventure and I really like that victory and I got a prize.

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