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My adventure to Cadbury chocolate factory

By charlie Tourtel, year 6, Elizabeth College

My life began in the wonderful golden tree of life. I met Bun Bun the playful bunny that takes care of all the new born babies, then I met another bunny that takes the babies back to their mothers. Then my mother fed me and gave me a home until I was ten years old. That is when I go on adventures with friends and pets.

Now I am ten years old I have a friend called Jimmy who lives just down the road, so I go there all the time, or, he comes to mine and we play on the bikes and do awesome tricks. Unfortunately that is not what I am doing over the summer. I am going to Cadbury chocolate factory. Speaking of which, I’d better get packing for my trip. Jimmy is coming so I will have someone to play with, although I already have my brother and sister.

Now we are at the docks waiting for a little boat that you could call scrap, to pick us up and take us to the magnificent Cadbury chocolate factory! Fortunately my mum said that the boat would take way too long and would fall to pieces within seconds. The people at the docks managed to arrange a bigger and stronger boat to take every single one of us to get to Cadbury chocolate island.

We are at the factory trying to dock. The boat driver has an idea of drying up on the chocolatey beach. Starting to rise out from the boat we spot the huge purple factory on the very top of the soothing chocolatey mountain. Scrambling up the chocolatey mountain we spot the vast golden and silver gateway to the magnificent Cadbury chocolate factory. What will be inside this magnificent factory?

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